Important Notice:

Please could the first person that arrives at the courts turn the floodlights on.(located outside the first gate to the courts) They will automatically turn off at 10pm.

Please remove all your rubbish from the courts when you leave.

All games will be played at the Beaulieu Park School, Armistice Avenue, Chelmsford, Essex. CM1 6DT

Courts 1 - 6 will be played on the Senior School courts

Courts 7 & 8 will be played on the Primary School courts


Teams in divisions 1 – 9 must provide a scorer, who is not the umpire, for all their games.  If teams fail to supply a scorer, then a player shall be dropped from the team to fulfil this role.

Guidelines for scorers . . .

  1. All teams in Divisions 1 - 9 must supply a competent scorer for all their matches.
  2. Teams can identify more than one person to score throughout the season.
  3. They will use a simple score card provided by the umpire.
  4. When a substitute player is the scorer, if she has to go on then the player coming off can take over.
  5. Both scorers will stand together on the side line, opposite the centre circle, or as otherwise agreed by the umpires.
  6. They will agree with each other who is responsible for calling the score. e.g. one quarter each.
  7. Scorers will confirm the score with each other after each goal is scored and will call the score out loud.
  8. At quarter time the scorers should confirm with the umpires who has the centre pass for the start of the next quarter.
  9. At the end of the game the scorers will advise the umpires of the final score and the umpires will fill in the final score on the results card, which will then be signed by both umpires and scorers where indicated.
  10. The score as recorded by the umpires is the official score for the match.