KO Cup Draw Round 3

White Knights have withdrawn from Division 12


All games will be spread across 3 venues: Boswells (B), Chelmer Valley High School (CV) and Chelmer Park (CP)

KO Cup 1st Round Results

KO Cup 2nd Round Results

KO Cup 3rd Round Draw




Knock Out Cup Competitions

For all cup competitions:

All games to be played at Chelmer Park, Chelmer Valley High School & Boswells School  (addresses can be found on the contact page)

You must pay and provide an umpire with the qualification as set for league matches in the handbook [Rule 1 (h) iii].

DJ and NC must have scorers. Not compulsory for PP but preferred.

All games to be played on the dates stated.

Result card to registration secretary within 48 hours.

Courts will be booked by the league.

Competitions are handicapped

Should this game not be played it will count towards the total of three unfulfilled games for the defaulting team. Once this total of three unfulfilled fixtures is reached the team will be withdrawn from the league. [Rule 5 (c)].

In the event of a draw extra time will be played i.e. 7 minutes each way (for the David John) and 5 minutes each way (for the Nicky Clark and Princes Plate) with one minute break at half time. A toss of a coin will determine first centre pass or choice of ends at start of extra time. In the event that the teams are still drawing at the end of extra time, play will continue until one team is two goals ahead. Rule [1 (h) ii]

It is advisable to confirm with your umpire 48 hours before the scheduled date.




2017/18 Cup Winners & Runners up

 David John Cup  Nicky Clarke Cup  Princes Plate
 Wnners: Billericay Blue (51) Winners: Lyons Ladies Blue (50)  Winners: Phoenix Ignite (41)
 Runners up: Kats Lightning (35)  Runners up: Benfords (32)  Runners up: Breakaways (32)

Pics to follow


2016/17 Cup Winners & Runners up

 David John Cup  Nicky Clarke Cup  Princes Plate
 Winners: Billericay Blue  (32)  Winners: Stingrays Blue (44)  Winners: Wine Cellar White (49)
 Runners up: Chelmsford Eagles (29)  Runners up: KTS Lions (41)  Runners up: Breakaways (40)


2015/16 Cup Winners & Runners up

 David John Cup  Nicky Clarke Cup  Princes Plate
 Winners: Billericay Blue  (45)  Winners: Great Waltham (39)  Winners Blackwater Crystals (33)
 Runners up: Billericay Red (26)  Runners up: Phoenix Fire (32)  Runners up: KTS Lions (30)


2014/15 Cup Winners & Runners up

David John Cup Nicky Clarke Cup Princes Plate
Winners: Billericay Blue Winners: Galaxy Thunder Winners: Brookshaw Blue
Runners up: Conquest Runners up: Saffron Hawks 1 Runners up: Saffron Hawks 3