White Knights have withdrawn from Division 12


All games will be spread across 3 venues: Boswells (B), Chelmer Valley High School (CV) and Chelmer Park (CP)


Winter League

All players, umpires and other officials of any Club entering a team in the Chelmsford & District Netball League (CDNL) must affiliate to England Netball by 1st September.

The CDNL registration fee of each player is £1.00 and each team must have registered at least seven players before the 1st September. The registration form should be completed and sent to the Registration Secretary prior to this date. Additional players can be registered via written communication with the Registration Secretary up to the 1st March, and the fee must be paid within 7 days of registration. If this is not received the Club will be fined £5.00. Requests after this date will be at the discretion of the Committee, but 48 hours prior notice MUST be given. Urgent telephone requests that require a Committee decision will be charged a fee of £5.00.

To play in the CDNL all players must be 14 years of age as of the 1st September. This means a player must be 14 when the initial CDNL registration form is submitted by 1st September. After that date once a player/(s) becomes 14 years of age she is eligible to play in the CDNL on proof of a date of birth together with the registration fee.

Summer League

A team registration form must be submitted before the start of the summer league, but no fee will be charged for individual players. However, if any player has not played in the winter league and therefore not affiliated to England Netball must affiliate at a lesser cost to cover any Summer League games up until 31st August. (Refer to for current rate).

Any further questions please contact the Registration Secretary via the contact page.